Tree Removal

It should come as no surprise that a good portion of our work life is spent removing trees for one reason or another. Sometimes it is because the tree has died or is in severe decline, other times it is because it’s just too large or not suitable for its location anymore.

Whatever the reason we have the tools and equipment necessary to fell or remove all manner of trees with no tree being too big or too small. If the situation doesn’t allow for straight felling of a tree, then we dismantle it in sections either from rope and harness or utilising a MEWP (cherry picker) if that’s what the circumstances call for.

All brash is then processed through our industrial woodchippers and timber cut into manageable pieces. Standard practice is to remove said products from site, but you will of course have the option to keep any of the woodchip or logs that you would like.

We also offer stump grinding as a follow up or standalone operation if you already have a stump you want removing. Please see the Stump grinding page for further details on this process.