A Week in Winchester

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We are thrilled to have successfully completed our first week of council tree work in the beautiful city of  Winchester. The majority of our time was spent in Oram’s Arbour, Clifton Road where we had the privilege of climbing and deadwooding several very large, old Beech trees as well as a mix of repollarding, pruning and dead wooding the many Lime trees which adorn the parks perimeter.

Whilst there a passing local informed us that a recent survey found the largest Beech tree in the park (a very enjoyable climb) to be the second largest tree in Winchester! Sadly we cant find the results of said survey online but for the sake of our egos we are choosing to believe him.

Away from Oram’s Arbour we undertook several other, smaller jobs. These included heading Birch, Plane and Fir trees away from houses, Deadwooding Acacias, Limes and a Cork Oak and felling some Willlows and Elders. Finally we also did some work indirectly relating to trees in which we stripped out sections of Ivy from the base of trees as well as removing old tree stakes which were no longer needed, putting in some stakes for young trees which did need them and mulching around some young trees to help them on their way.

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