Skylark Golf and Country Club: Oak border headback

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Some of the border Oaks were in poor shape with several meters of crown dieback.
In the case of struggling old trees, heavy pruning can sometimes lead to a new burst of life encouraging healthy younger growth to take hold.
Whilst the deciduous forest backdrop is very scenic the long overhang can lead to lots of deadwood and broken branches falling on the frequently used paths which is far from ideal.
We cleared the overhanging branches back beyond the edges of the paths so that the regrowth will take a long time to become problematic again.

We always enjoy working at Skylark but were particularly blessed with glorious weather throughout these works. I’m sure we put a few golfers off their game with our noisy machinery but we worked hard as a team to get the work done in an efficient manner thus limiting our disturbance. Plus we are happy to be scapegoats if anyone did play an unfortunate round whilst we were there!

Tags: Commercial, Tree Surgery

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